Sunday, 14 September 2008

What a fine bunch of girlies!

What a fine bunch of girlies you demos are. I totally forgot that I had put pictures up on my blog. I was thinking 'How do they know what my cards look like?' duh as they say.
I got my new stamps on Friday when I got back from Brighton and I have to say that the pre cuttingness of them will make my life a lot easier as I have several older ladies who don't buy the stamps as they have mobility issues with their hands (although I do offer to mount them for them).
Great time in Brighton with lots of marching. I went to see Phine at a gig and I have to say that they did really well and the timing and harmonies were spot on Well done Ruby Woos you were fab.

Friday, 5 September 2008

It all got away from me

With the barbie on 23rd it all kind of got away from me. So I have been v. busy. I made tons of bread rolls in the week before the barbie, rather too many if you must know and most of them got dumped, sadly as they got wet.
I haven't really done any crafting since so there are no piccies to post.
sorry this is a bit dull but I have been busy making more preserves to sell at the Country Markets dos. and as people are finding out about me making stuff they are chucking their surplus at me and I have to make the preserves before the fruit and veg goes off. My latest offering was piccalilli. No rest for the wicked and I still haven't finished those soddin' lemons.
Have happy days everyone
xxxxxxxxx Kate

Monday, 11 August 2008

Happy Mondays

Oh well - Sorry about the blank post I guess I clicked the wrong button when I was trying to add a photo. Just mentioning that another weekend is past and I have made some more Tomato Ginger and Chilli Jam only increased the chillis. It is quite spicy now but not too hot.

I have been playing around with some of my new papers and stamps and having fun with the Cuttlebug and Bind-it-all.

If you click on the image you can see it a bit better.

I am loving the new colours I have just got and the stamps. I am particularly enamoured by the pumpkin pie ink and the Wild about you stamp set.

I think I will have to go finish the samplers for my new papers and get a few more cards ready to demo to the troops on Thursday.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

How did it get to be August 5th????

I have been a busy bee of late and I still haven't juiced all those lemons. I have however done the marmalade (yum), the rhubarb and ginger jam (yum again) and the courgette and ginger jam (not very yum at all as I overcooked it). I have also been playing with the Cuttlebug (also yum and not yum as SU have gone for the Sizzix Big Shot) here is a piccy featuring the backgrounds.

I have also designed some cute labels for the jams etc using a font called, 'A little pot'
Result! I have actually flogged some lemon curd and given a sample of the marmalade for the buyers to try.
I got my 'Bind-it-all' yesterday and so will soon be in full production of my post it notes books as soon as my order comes from SU. Guess what you all are getting for Christmas!
I have another mystery shopper 'gig' today so I'd better go and get my false moustache and fake nose out ready....

Monday, 28 July 2008

Sore fingers and lemon curd

I just finished my display board and have taken pictures. I attached the cards to black foamboard with dressmaking pins and boy does it hurt fingers trying to push them in.
I have also sourced jars, eggs, and lemons just sugar and butter left.
doesn't sound much but I have been busy busy all morning. I am spending the rest of the day inventing some make and takes for Thursday and cutting out all the little pieces to bag up.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Today's news

Today has been blisteringly hot. The Phinster just rang and said Coningsby was the hottest place in the universe. Too true. I am wanting to make some courgette and ginger jam but we are light a couple of courgettes. So I had communication from Sarah at RAF Coningsby about my demo on Thursday OK fine but my order hasn't arrived and I am having to make changes. I am going to have to go and sit somewhere cool - we have all the fans on and it is still HOT. I am posting an old piccy. Well why not is what I say.

today's fun